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happiness is…

:: happiness is… a lovely way to start the week with a positive reflection of what brings happiness to you right now. positive thinking on a monday morning ~ there’s no better way to start the week. i hope you will join me.

happiness is…

  • sunshine
  • a lazy weekend
  • getting some chores done
  • dinners over candle light ~ not because we’re romantic but because we don’t have a light fixture up on our ceiling yet ~ but you know what, I don’t even miss it ;)
  • chocolate pudding for dessert
  • enjoying a movie night with hubby – although 50/50 was very emotional and moving for a comedy. we loved it. have you seen it?
  • enjoying the warm weather we’re having
  • sitting in the sun in mid-january, talking to a friend while we watch our kids play
  • crossing things off the list – such as 2010 tax return. yikes, I know
  • refreshing the living room after christmas decorations have been put away
  • thinking about spring and the rebirth it stirs up
  • teaching my 4-year old some yoga moves
  • green tea with ginseng for some much needed energy
  • and the hubby bringing it to me as I write this
  • first day back to kindergarten for Miss G.
  • first day back to early mornings and a normal routine which I secretly missed
  • allowing an extra 1/2 hour for the ‘big girl’ to dress herself with most items on backwards
  • this version of ‘your song’ by ellie goulding to start my day


so my friends, please join in and share what Happiness Is to you right now.

happiness is… (finish the sentence)


ps. did you know it’s National Clean Off Your Desk Day today? I think I have lots of work to do! ;)

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