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potluck party : nutritious & delicious

TGIF! It’s Friday and I’m sure you couldn’t be happier! Who does not look forward to the the weekend, right? I found a way to make this Friday (and in fact the whole weekend) even more special ~ oh, why not. It’s been a beautiful week, who knows if this weather’s going to hold up… why not kick back and relax, bring your favourite drink and settle down with your feet up.

You are invited to 3-day virtual:

Hope you can join the fun ;)

One of the best things I love about blogging is the connection that is created amongst like minded people. I love being part of this community and really enjoy getting to know so many of you that I now gladly call my ‘friends’.

So I’ve been thinking of ways to really connect and interact in a fun way. Build on this sense of community and support each other, share things… like real friends do ;) I wanted to throw a Party – a Potluck Party for all my friends, including you.  So we can all have fun, scour our archives for the best dish we can ‘bring’ and join the Party!

Rules are simple.
Come over and bring a dish to share and ‘mingle’ with the other guests.

Well, actually, in the blog world, you come visit with a link to your favourite recipe that you want to share and mingle with the other guests by checking out their links ;)

Use the linky tool provided to add your link and photo.

Please focus on healthy, whole food, nutritious recipes.
It could be something sweet or savoury, salads, snacks, hors d’oeuvres, main dishes or even beverage recipes.

For this first party, I will not have too many rules and see how we do on the nutritious side ;) (For future parties, some regulations might be added in.)

Ideally recipes that are organic, plant-based, vegan, gluten-free, use whole grains especially ancient grains (not-wheat), don’t have any preservatives, artificial additives, flavours or colours etc. would qualify well into this link up party. But, if you feel you have a dish that’s healthy and does not fully fit into these categories above, you can still share it.
(I will however, reserve the right to delete links if the link does not fit with any conditions, and is off topic, sells a product or for any other reason I see fit.)

Are you ready? I’m all dressed up! – Actually no, that’s one of the reasons this party is so awesome, no need to fuss with getting yourself ready. You already are ready!

Just come, join up and share!

I hope this post will become a great source of fantastic recipes you can all enjoy and along the ride, discover new blogs and the fantastic people behind them ;)

Let the Potluck Party : Nutritious & Delicious begin!


And since it’s the first week of Spring – why not make the foods Spring themed!

ps. just want to thank a few ladies for inspiring me to throw this party: Joann for requesting a potluck herself with me, Priscilla who invited me to a potluck party a few weeks ago and Abby who I’ve just noticed is also having a party today – so maybe you can party-hop later on tonight ;D And to my favourite blog assistant – extraordinaire Kasia, my sister for her help in brainstorming this potluck party!

I think the food will be amazing! What should we do?
Maybe crafts and talk kale and spirulina?

(if the last two were a foreign language, you need to visit here more often ;)

To join the party, click on the blue icon where it says ‘add you link’. Runs all weekend till Sunday midnight.

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