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Ever wish you could just fly over the Bryce Canyon and be mesmerized by their high sculpted peaks, or taken a hot air balloon tour of the ancient temples in Bagan, Myanmar, or view the grand beauty of the Machu Picchu – the ancient city of the Inca Empire?  Well now you can just literally (virtually) fly over these beautiful places of the world thanks to AirPano and their 3-D Virtual Tours.

These breathtakingly beautiful photographs of our mother earth are only a tease of what you’re about to see. The amazing team at compiled a series of crazy beautiful – so lost for words here – you’ll know what I mean once you see this : incredible 360 Degree Aerial Panoramic Views and 3D Virtual Tours of some of the most beautiful places on our earth.

You will feel like a real bird flying over these beautiful lands (just with a control of your mouse or keyboard).

Gosh, isn’t our our earth just so beautiful! The very earth we stand on; barefoot and can walk on, build on and breathe on. The earth is magnificent – be good to it. Be caring, thankful, forgiving and loving. Our earth is a real masterpiece ~ and they captured it so well! Be prepared to loose yourself in this beauty and awe….

With my daughter on my lap, we sat with curiosity and amazement for a while just wow’ing away at the incredible birdseye views ~ kind of appreciating daddy’s skydiving hobby ;) Machu Picchu is on our wish list to see ever since I started to walk again ~ I have the urge to climb/ hike and just walk barefoot (when possible) on this earth… ;)

Happy Earth Day (week)! Now go outside (once you see the 3D tours), take your shoes off, breathe in deeply and appreciate our lovely planet earth. xo

(Please read and click on the link : there’s a 3-D experience that I can’t show you here on this post)

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