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ads that screwed us up, way back in the 60’s

If you think today’s ads are messing up our heads by constantly making us think we’re not good enough and need “blank” to live better and be healthier! Just take a look at a few ads from the 1960’s! -when it was apparently ‘ok’ to weaken your self esteem and create a life of complexes and anxiety!

Lysol for Feminine Hygiene?! Yup! Then that was banned, so it became a bathroom cleaner instead! – What????

Lysol doesn’t even take up shelving space in our home as a bathroom cleaner – and it was used for what?

And that mama with her baby is taking good care of herself and her little one – because nothing is more important that a tan on a newborn, right???

If you agree this is ridiculous and are happy this was way back in the 60’s ~ don’t be fooling yourself. Advertisements aren’t this blunt and offensive anymore, but there are a thousands of products out there that ARE still harmful to use on your body. Consumers beware. Read the fine print. Educate yourselves.

Oh and do have a chuckle with these fine forms of advertisements in the days way back ;D They sure are funny ;)!!!

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