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a cup filled with love

Don’t you love a good cup of tea or coffee in the morning to soothe and comfort you? And what if it really brightened your day and put a warm smile on your face with every sip you took. What if that cup was filled with so much love you went all warm and fuzzy – and that’s not from the caffeine ;) but from all the sweetness and love that went into that cup. A simple cup filled with Love!

And you wanted to hold onto that precious gift for a long time? Now you could, easily, creatively and inexpensively create a little treasure for your loved ones (or for yourself) with the talents of your little ones ;)So you could enjoy that cup filled with love every morning.

I hope you’ll enjoy our latest DIY project for Porcelain Drawing. We did this last week for daddy’s birthday. I have to say it’s the cutest thing (although child labor was involved) to see this mug every morning. It was a quick inexpensive project – that even a 4 year old kid could do!

All you need is a Porcelaine Marker, I used  Pebeo 150, 1.2 tip (available in most craft stores for under $5) and a mug, plate or any type of porcelain dishware of your choice in white.
Air dries. Dishwasher safe after 72 hours.

Just make sure you peel off any stickers and wash and dry your mug throughly before you begin.

I prepared a foam base with a hole cut out from it and covered it with tissue paper, so that the curved mug would sit straight for my daughter to do her porcelain drawing. Unfortunately that was accidentally thrown out – so I couldn’t take a close up of what I did. There’s things you could use instead to hold or prop up the mug in place for little kids, and it should be very easy for older kids. A dishtowel rolled up on the sides etc. Just remember to not rotate it and then flip down on the fresh drawn side. For the other side, I held the mug in my hands when Miss G. did her drawings. And I would say that although beginner scribbles could be cute, I would not recommend this project to someone under 4 years of age. Once drawn, the lines made cannot get smudged etc. so it would be difficult for a kiddo under 4 to do.

These Pebeo markers come in many colours, but I liked the black and white look – kind of like a black and white photograph – timeless and beautiful.

On our mug: there’s daddy and Gabi holding a dog, and a big ant (no idea why ;) and then it says daddy and there’s flowers and hearts on the other side….

You get a very precious and very personalized keepsake each time ;)

This is a great idea to keep in mind as Christmas is approaching. I’m thinking that the grandmas would love a little dish or mug made by our little artist. Daddy absolutely loves it and so do I – I think I’m a little jealous and I’ll probably be setting up a little porcelain drawing station soon – she loved every bit of this project so that won’t be hard to accomplish ;)

I hope you liked this DIY and you’re inspired to do something fun like this with children in your family.

Have you done some fun personalized gifts with your child? Please share if you did ;)

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