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What to eat? Healthy snacks for the beach and travelling

“What to eat?” Comes across our minds a lot I think? Doesn’t it? With so much product out there, what do you reach for?

I thought I would share with you what I brought in my bag to the beach on our last trip and share what I think are just a few of my currently favourite Healthy Snacks for the beach or for travelling.

First, it’s summertime! So you need to stay hydrated and cooled off that’s why too much sugary foods isn’t good for you. Sugar will just make you feel more thirsty. Second, you need light-to-carry snacks so you don’t want to pack things that weight a ton. These are the reasons I picked these foods – for the pure nutritional hydration and for the lightness of the snacking. I change my snacks a lot, (part of the fun of not getting bored with same-old) but this is my current favourite list ;)

1. Coconut Water

Amazingly hydrating, filled with potassium, electrolytes, chlorides, magnesium and a still a good portion of natural sugar. There’s even protein in there too. Why is this important? Because for example potassium benefits healthy blood production and promotes a healthy heart. So it has amazing natural health benefits. It is also filled with fiber, manganese, calcium, riboflavin and loaded with vitamin C.

It is also fat free and has 0 cholesterol. It also helps you feel full and reduces food cravings. So it’s a great natural way to get those nutrients in especially when you’re busy and need to fill up on something that will nourish you.

2. Seaweed Chips

These are our favourite snack around here now. I love these little snack packages as they are easy to grab and go convenient. They are very light and pack in a lot of nutrition when you’re out busy enjoying your day.

First, once you get used to the seaweed taste, they snack like a bag of chips. My whole family is hooked! Especially since these snack sizes are prepared with a little sea salt and olive oil – they taste great. (so much better than than Nori, their sushi wrap cousin.

So why are these so great other than the fact they are very tasty and eat up like chips?

Seaweed is another incredible natural superfood. Rich in iodine – great for thyroid and brain health. Loaded with Calcium and protein. Rich in the incredible B-12 vitamins – these are hard to find and low B-12 is very common which can trigger numerous health problems. Rich in Vitamin A and fibre. The fibre in seaweed is a soluble fibre that turns into a gel in the body, slowing down the digestive process for the benefit of inhibiting the absorption of the nutrients.

To find the little snack packs, look in your local asian grocery store or even check your regular store. Now that we eat them regularly, I see they everywhere, most recently Loblaws at their International section.

3. Fresh Organic Grapes!

Grapes are great for hot days as they naturally hydrate you too while giving your a little kick of energy. For a sugary food, they are a low-glycemic index food. So they’re not like a sugar bomb you get with a candy bar, they benefit blood sugar and actually balance it.

They are filled with phytonutrients and antioxidants. Low in calories – less of these and you’re promoting healthy aging and longevity.

Grapes are also loaded with manganese, vitamin K, C, B1 and a bit of potassium. They have anti-inflammatory benefits, cognitive benefits = brain food! And anti-cancer.

I also like grapes because they’re juicy for a hot summer day but also I find the juices don’t leak out as much as with other fruits, like berries. They are also nice and small, so you can just reach in and eat as many as you like.

4. Snapea Crisps!

These are the newest find and we love them. I was incredibly impressed with the ingredient list on these, pure and clean. And the fact that they are loaded with protein in so great when you’re busy and won’t be grabbing a meal for a bit.

Best of all, my 5 year old loves them! She can eat a bag at a time, they are very tasty, light and delicious.


So that’s our list of our healthy snacks when we’re on the go. (at this time).

I often take nuts and seeds and dried fruit as well, (but I was trying to create a list of more unique products), still I prefer fresh fruit over dried fruit for summer months as they are naturally hydrating with all that water content.  From other fresh fruit, I like bananas and apples too. There’s always water with us also and possibly some protein bars, but I find most of them are just loaded with sugar. When I have time before the trip, I would make these Homemade Nature Bars.

What are your favourite healthy snacks you like to bring to the beach or when travelling?


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