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Gift Guide | food & drink



1. Natural Vitality Cherry Calm
The secret to a stress-free Holiday! 

2. Sweets from the Earth 
Best-ever Vegan Cookie Dough in Nut Free and Gluten Free dough options.

3. Pure Herbal
Organic Green Pomegranate Loose Leaf Green Tea

4. Naosap Harvest
Organic, non-GMO, Canadian wild rice.

5. So Delicious
Cherry Amaretto Organic Dairy Free Ice Cream

Food gifts are practical, delicious and show that you care. These are my personal favourite products I like to enjoy all the time and I would love to get as gifts! (The more the merrier, right?)
Which would you like to get as a gift? And what other food and drink products would you give as gifts?

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Gift Guide | books for healthy living



1. One Simple Change by Winnie Abramson
A great book about Surprisingly Easy Ways to Transform Your Life by Winnie, the writer of the popular blog Healthy Green Kitchen.

2. Mind over Medicine by Lissa Rankin
Lissa Rankin, MD, brings scientific proof that you can heal yourself.

3. Forks over Knives :  The Cookbook
Over 300 recipes for plant-based living approved by the Forks over Knives team!

4. Naturally Sweet & Gluten-Free by Ricki Heller
You don’t have to give up everything to eat a healthier dessert! Ricki Heller shows you how easy it is to have delicious desserts with nothing missing!


Want more ways to live healthy??? Take a look at these great options too!


21 Days to Lean + Green e-course from Sherrie Scaglione Castellano, Holistic Health Coach of With Food + Love



Paleo, Vegan & Gluten-Free Christmas Desserts is a digital cookbook by Leanne Vogel and is a great way to enjoy the Holidays guilt-free!


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Gift Guide | pure kitchen essentials

Pure-Ella-Holiday-Gift-Guide2 pure kitchen


1. Vintage Dove Citrus Juicer | Blk Market by Beard & Bonnet
2. Small Porcelain Dish | Herriott Grace
3. Vintage Turquoise Pot with Lid | Blk Market by Beard & Bonnet
4. “People who Love to Eat”, organic cotton floursack tea towel | Tasty Yummies
5. Breakfast Board | Herriott Grace
6. Seasons Spoon Set | Bailey Doesn’t Bark

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Gift Guide | pretty & bright

Pure-Ella-Holiday-Gift-Guide3 pretty and bright


Gift Guide | pretty & bright

1. Steph Bag in Rose, vegan leather | Pixie Mood
2. Black Rough Diamond on 14 K gold chain | Lian’s Elegance
3. “You’re Pretty” Tote Bag | So…Let’s Hang Out
4. Hammered Drop Sterling Bracelets | AG Ambroult
5. “Making Spirits Bright” Stamp | A Sensible Habit
6. Vintage Inlaid Silver Ring | Blk Market by Beard & Bonnet

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Gift Guide | comfort & joy

Pure-Ella-Holiday-Gift-Guide1 comfort and joy


Gift Guide | comfort & joy

1. Wood Tealight Holder |Bertu Candles
2. Forest Glen Wallscape, made to order | The Bent Tree Gallery
3. Brown Ribbed Cowl, hand knitted | Flower Pot Designs
4. Melange Hat for Children | Ingugu
5. Handmade Natural Linen Scarf | Knock Knock Linen
6. Autumn Wreath Word Pillow Cover : me & you | Mama Bleu Designs

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