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spring cleaning : the kitchen sink rule

Yay, Spring is here and with this lovely new season of rebirth
– so is the season of Spring Cleaning!

Do I hear a ‘yay’ or ‘nay’ on that one? Most of us probably aren’t all too happy about this unrewarding  task (or is it….?).

BUT, perhaps this is a great time to look at Spring Cleaning in a new and fresh clean way and perhaps we can learn to see some rewards there… it’s true.


A freshening of the home isn’t only aesthetic – here are just some benefits of cleaning tips borrowed from the ancient practice of Feng Shui:

  • The state of your kitchen reflects in the state of your health.
  • Dirty dishes and clutter are blocking the energy flow in your kitchen and your life & health.
  • Cleaning and renewing your kitchen is like cleansing yourself and renewing yourself for a better you.

Want to bring in more happy and healthy energy into your life?

Tackling your kitchen sink first is a good practice to invite more positive energy into the space and bring a sense of calmness and clarity into the space.

Clutter never looks good and it can be extremely overwhelming to tackle everything at once. So…

Think small, do one small task like The Kitchen Sink Rule – and commit!


Method : Go empty your kitchen sink of dirty dishes, give it a wipe with a natural non-toxic soap dish or baking soda!

Challenge : Keep it clean! After every time you’re in the kitchen, making food or just a tea – whatever utensils, cups, plates and pots you use – try to clear them from the sink before you leave the room.

A good habit is to look back as you’re about to leave and check the sink. Then take a moment to wash a few things or put them in the dishwasher (if you’re lucky to have one- do appreciate it).

You don’t have to do it obsessively, if you cooked dinner and you want to sit down and enjoy the meal by yourself or with your family – you can leave things for a little while as you enjoy your meal, but as soon as you can – please do go back and clean that sink!

Get the family involved: husband and kids to take turns and to practice the habit of putting things away right away from the sink.

Rewards : Adapting this simple cleaning strategy of ‘getting things done’ (even just in the kitchen sink) will leave you with a fantastic feeling of satisfaction. You will learn commitment rules to care for your living space. You will also be surprised how after just a day you will learn to nurture a good habit and feel good in the process.

Keep at it! Make it contagious! This worked for me, when I first cleared the sink, i noticed a few things on the counter and that bothered me! My mind was set on clearing that mess up too. It worked and keeps working.

In Practice : Do a quick check of what’s in the kitchen that is visual clutter and think of how it’s blocking your mental, creative and healing energy. Remind yourself of how important good energy is in your kitchen – how it promotes health and vitality. Practice this ‘rule’ all the time – eventually you will learn a great habit and you won’t even think about it.

Once that kitchen sink is cleared, and then the counters – bring in living things to promote a sense of liveliness to the kitchen and to your life and health.
A bowl of fresh fruit or potted herbs or little bouquet of flowers will make miracles happen! ;)


*So you keep your sink empty all the time and think this doesn’t apply to you ~ try adapting this same strategy to another area of your home. Make your bed the ‘kitchen sink’ and always make it up before your leave the room and don’t leave clothes or laundry to be folded on it. Apply it to your desk at work. Choose one area of your home or work and master it – then move on to other areas that will improve your living space and yourself.

If you get distracted and forget about the rule – just simply remind yourself of all the benefits mentioned above and start all over again ;)

It may be just a kitchen sink – but it can also be a reflection of your life and health. Go clean it! And make it reflect a new clear-minded, focused beautiful person you are that shines with fresh and positive energy!

Happy Spring Cleaning!

Remember, The Kitchen Sink Rule is just a start of a good thing.

Embrace change and embrace a rebirth of yourself healthier and happier.

Please share : Do you like this Kitchen Sink rule and do you think you will apply it?
In what state is your kitchen sink and countertops right now?
Do you connect cleaning to your health and wellbeing?

Please share any other personal tips you might have that work for you.

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