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Pure Wisdom : Stop waiting for Miracles



Do you believe in Miracles? 

I actually don’t! I believe in Myself instead.

If I believed in miracles, would I just wait around to see if some act of god would cure me from my illness – or would I take charge and put my health into my own hands?

If I believed in miracles, would I devote time to research and educate myself about nutrition and health benefits of food, or would I just do as I thought was ‘healthy’ and wait for better days?

If I believed in miracles, would I let my body get even weaker and rely on help to lift me from bed, a chair or the toilet, or would I learn to care for my weak body and make small efforts to strengthen and include regular exercise to keep me stronger.

If I believed in miracles, would I stop reading stories to my daughter when I could not speak or read out loud… when my voice was barely audible. No, because she wouldn’t know that even with her struggles, mommy didn’t give up on being a mommy. And even now, a few years later, when I ask her if she remembers mommy’s weak voice, she hugs me and says “I remember, but I wasn’t scared…”

If I believed in miracles, would I wait in sadness and depression dreading each day but wish for better days. No, I preferred being dedicated to the choices I made with my lifestyle and what was on my plate to heal me so that I can actually live a normal life where I can go for a walk when I want, lift my daughter to a swing or physically smile when I feel like. 

Life has its struggles, some bigger some smaller….  These are all tests how strong we are and how we can persevere with our life, our relationships, our health, career etc. We can’t program our life to be perfect.

Do you wish for miracles to live a better life…? I don’t! I make changes today that will create miracles in my life tomorrow!

Those changes are how I connect with others from the moment I wake up, this is how I talk to my husband and daughter in the morning. I put effort to create a nice morning even though I don’t always ‘feel’ in tip top shape first thing in the morning. I make sure they are nourished with a good healthy breakfast to fuel them for the morning. I share my thoughts and feelings with my family in a kind way that I’m clear and heard without creating or adding drama to a situation. I take care of myself by allowing myself to breathe, not get overwhelmed with the days’ tasks. I listen to my body in what it needs to feel its best, to heal, to energize or rest. I create moments and do not wait for moments to happen. I realize I am not perfect and I am a work in progress everyday. But what I put into a day, those efforts make me smile at the end of the day. No miracles needed, just myself and my changes to create miracles.


Wishing you all a great week ahead.

I hope you believe in yourself and start Creating Miracles in your life right now! ;)


Pure Ella 

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