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Hello and Happy new week and Happy March!!! ;)

We greeted the new month (of winter) with a really fun getaway…. we went up north to the country to a lovely family horse farm.
I had no idea winter could be so beautiful…
I guess it only gets stunning when you leave the city and find complete winter bliss in the stillness of the season.

We went for horse-drawn sleigh rides on this adorable family farm.
This was a whole day organized by our daughter’s scout group and we were so thrilled to be part of the fun.
Neither I or Miss G. have been on a real sleigh ride before… wow this was magic! ;)

It’s amazing how beautiful winter can be when you go back to the basics and enjoy a day in the country.
There was also a big outdoor bonfire to keep us warm, which I didn’t take a picture of but it came in very necessary when you needed a little warming ;)
The farmer made homemade sausages on the large bonfire grill… I did not eat them myself and brought my own lunch. 

The woods nearby were gorgeous and I was in awe with the surroundings…. I have not enjoyed a winter day like this ever in my life.
We will try to make this an annual winter getaway. For sure. What a way to enjoy a winter wonderland.


So we’re in March and Spring is nowhere to be seen… I checked around all the corners.
Nothing, no warming in sight.
So we just have to bundle up for a little longer and wait it out.
I mean come on, Spring where are you?
This time last year we were hitting seasonal warm days, this year we’re hitting record cold days. Brrr…

How are you my dear friends?
What is making you happy lately? Do tell ;)


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