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potluck party : kids food ideas & celebrating 5

Hello my sweet sweet friends! I hope you all have had a good week and are looking forward to a fun weekend ;) We certainly are ~ my girl is turning 5 today! Yay!!! And we are having a little something later on for family and then a big Lalaloopsy party on Sunday ;) Little Miss G can’t wait and neither can I ;) So for this occasion and for kid’s back to school – we’re having a Kids Food Ideas Potluck Party!

But as I write this, I’m thinking to myself – how on earth can I even throw a potluck party when I’m clearly a no show on this blog for the last little bit and barely finding time to visit my blog friends…. What can I say but to be as honest as I can. One of the reasons I started this blog was that it helped me have an outlet to get better, connect with other people, be inspired and hope to inspire others through my words, recipes, project and photos. My life here is always for pure enjoyment and from a deep passion inside me. One thing I don’t let myself is overdo this fun exciting stuff such as blogging can be. You can have too much of a good thing, as some of you bloggers can nod to that ;) So when this girl gets busy, work throws a few projects at me, the mr. wants to chill over some shows on the couch, or I simply grab our sun hats, some water, snacks and my girl by the hand and we go for a walk or hang out at a playground for too long… that becomes my priority.

Summertime is only here for a couple of weeks – I treasure each day and don’t want my days to end… yet they still speed by. As long as there’s giggles and hugs and fresh fruit and love and easy quick meals and fruit smoothies…. we’re all good.

Everything else is let go….. but once a while it’s revived, revisited with a fresh fun vibe again. I have too many recipes waiting to be shared – I wish I could do this full time folks but life is one big balancing ball and in order for me to stay passionate and excited about what I do, I do need to do less….

Now my passions and excitement seem to evolve around party planning and decorating in bright polka dots and fun stripes and flowers and planning the menu and choosing which cupcake recipe to make! That is happiness and that is my ‘priority’ for now ;) 5 is a big deal around this house and I’ve got a happy little sweetcake jumping for joy and pancakes right now so I have to go! Some sweet little face is telling me this will also be one of my best days! ;D

So of course since we are celebrating I knew we must have a Potluck Party celebrating fun Kids Food Ideas. School will be here soon – and with it fun snacks and your kids’ favourite foods! What are they? Please do share!

(above peacock idea from here)

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