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potluck party : best recipes of summer 2012

Happy Friday!!! I was kinda scratching myself in the head for a bit there this morning… thinking “what day is it?, is it really Friday?” ~ I’m still not convinced mentally, but oh well – something tells me (um… the calendar) that it’s Potluck Party time again!!!! This week, since it’s the last weekend of August – let’s do THE BEST OF SUMMER 2012!

Happy Labour Day Weekend!

What’s your best recipe of Summer 2012?
(Do share in the link up below)

Please keep in mind this is a vegan and mostly gluten free party – but not exclusively. Some recipes with ancient grains like kamut and spelt are welcome, as well as non-vegan recipes that use raw honey or fish will also be accepted.

Speaking of sandwiches, I’m forever grateful that my husband stopped buying crap bread just a few weeks ago! Until then, we kind of had two loafs going on – mine wheat-free and yeast-free which means it’s wholegrain nutritious with real simple ingredients – and his was the one with “Smart” on the packaging! Any bread company who needs to ‘sell’ bread by calling their bread ‘smart’ is reaching out to a dumb audience! (You know my packaging issues – do not judge the book by its cover – and in this case bread by its intelligence claims!

Wishing you an awesome long-weekend everyone!

Is anyone else feeling crazed about the end of August already? I do love September though…. and the weather is still beautiful. Looks like out summer is extra long already, although never long enough ;) xo

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