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our weekend : random inspirations

A busy weekend led to a busy day. But I do feel recharged and inspired with some fresh ideas and dreams. Could this be a result of longer days and a few extra sun beams are charging up some brain cells… Or possibly a thrift store find got me excited… or a party mood got me recharged…. or maybe I’m listening to something that gets me lost in my own daydreams…

So this is a little blur of what happened over the weekend and today. I feel good and happy today and these events and things probably have something to do with it…

a little party for a sweet 1 year old

lots of laughter of little kids and grown ups too

hanging out at big sisters

leaving my husband to watch the Superbowl with his friends at our house

missing the travelling little sister (remember the one who’s in South Asia and Australia right now)

still at the sister’s, stayed up late talking once the kids crashed for the night

had the worst night of sleep ever, on the floor, but I’ve recovered just fine

packed up for home at noon leaving the kiddo for an extended stay

stopped at my favourite thrift store and was greeted by 50% off sale

yeah. a thrift store sale and a day of mom-freedom

brought some beautiful textiles home – I think I’ve just decided that one more room is getting a makeover

once home, I came back to find remnants of hubby’s party; the typical – pizza crusts, nacho chips, beer bottles and red wine also (fancy)

a surprise waited for me though

this whole cd by Gotan Project

so I’ve been busting some tunes the rest of the day (while working)

I’m so busy working on some fashion catalogues with summer product.
yeah – a promise of spring after all….

and daydreaming of what to do with this beautiful throw I just brought home (and a few more shopping bags of some thrifted finds)

now take a listen to these beats and see what I mean – this music will just take you far away

not to mention how lovely to listen to with your Valentine… keep that in mind as the 14th is almost here….

– ohhh and I’m trying to get used to having red hair!

How was your weekend?
Are you daydreaming about some beautiful things?
What inspires you lately?

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