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nature inspired egg decorating


I was excited about decorating the eggs this year like never before. I got my 2 1/2 year old daughter Gabriella excited too – even though we were not prepared for egg colouring. So I searched around the kitchen cabinet for some good ideas… Alas! I found what I was looking for. Great textures can be found in most spices and cooking ingredients right in your spice rack. We used poppy seeds, fennel, coriander seeds, dill weed and even paprika for a beautifully textured,  earthy – nature inspired look. I used a non-toxic ‘school’ glue to hold them in place.


I got some cat grass and used an old egg container to display them in. This is a fun way to showcase your egg creations even at the Easter table.


I dyed the red/brown ones in beet juice (red borszcz), so that 1/2 is covered (keep them in for about 1hr.) Then I did the opposite side in a green dye – spinach boiled water.


These have a great contrast with poppy seeds and dill weed patterns on just plain white eggs. Many other spices would work as well.


These remind me of an African tribe… aren’t they cool in this sort of mask-inspired look?


This is probably my favourite. I used the leaves from a paper flower I had sitting around. The top has peppercorns glued to the leaves for a finished touch.

Because all these items were found around the house. This project was practically FREE except for the cat grass at $2.99 – oh and the cost of eggs ;P

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