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lost a good apple

‎”Because the people who think they are crazy enough to change the world are the ones who do” ~ Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs lost his 8 year battle with Cancer (or more specifically: neuroendocrine tumor arising from the islet cell of the pancreas). Here is a great article that goes into the depth of his treatment. Such sad news for a technological genius of our time.


Steve Jobs the founder of Apple reinvented technology from his basement and grew such a great and powerful company.

I myself have been loving apples and Apples ever since I got my first taste in college. Then I purchased one by special order – 10 years ago these babies were not in stores, oh no. My husband, boyfriend at the time, had to drive to some unfamiliar address and knock on a stranger’s front door and pick the big box up from his basement. And this is Toronto not some little town in Cambodia. It wasn’t until years later the first Apple stores appeared in our city. Who knew that the craze was just beginning with the iPod’s, iPhones, iPads…. Steve Jobs was the visionary behind this technological movement. He was a brilliant, creative and inspirational man way ahead of his time. Thank you for reinventing the wheel! You will be missed by many but never forgotten.

Gotta love them Apples! Gotta love Steve. RIP.

(edited ps: I wonder if he went to see Burzynki I mentioned here?)

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