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live better : get your sexy on

With Valentine’s Day coming up and all…. Love is kind of in the air – and in the bedroom ~ or is it?

Well, that’s why I’m here to help. Lack of sexual desire could put your relationship in a stale situation. We’re all grown ups here, we know sexual intimacy  is human nature and it’s very healthy to be happy in your sex life. It should be natural to have needs for *it* ~ if you don’t… well, something’s up with your hormones. And that’s why I want to share this with you. Perhaps the simplest, natural things you can add to your diet that may just save your relationship!

The secret is supplementing with : Maca Root!

Before you read up on all the benefits of Maca Root, you should know one thing :

Maca Root is known for enhancing sexual desire and performance. (that’s good, right?)


I personally like this Certified Organic MacaSure Maca Root Extract from Sequel Naturals.


Maca root powder is a root plant that is similar in appearance to the turnip but that is often used as a medicinal herb rather than a food. The plant grows in the Andes Mountains and some other regions in South America. The plant is typically found growing naturally in high altitudes and is harvested, dried and powered to be sold in capsules to people around the world.

The Benefits of Maca

Studies have shown that one of the main Maca root powder benefits is that the plant can work to balance hormones by directly working with the body’s endocrine system. The plant is most often used as a way to combat erectile dysfunction that is caused by hormone disruptions, but is also used for other conditions.

For example, a benefit of using Maca is that the plant can improve libido in men and can also improve the quality of sperm produced. While the plant hasn’t been studied extensively, it is most often used to treat sexual dysfunction related to the use of SSRI anti-depressants in both men and women. The powder also has been shown to reduce cholesterol and improve good cholesterol in humans.

Maca is a plant that is known for being very high in glucosinolates, and its regular consumption can exacerbate goiters if enough salt and iodine aren’t also present in the body. The regions where Maca grows naturally include Peru and other areas where iodized salt may not be as readily available as in other, less remote, areas of the world.

In general, Maca is just as safe to eat as any other natural growing plant. Maca root powder has actually been used as a base for flour in many dishes in regions where the plant naturally grows.

How Does Maca Work?

Maca root powder affects the body in several ways. When considering the hormones the plant works by providing the nutrients that the body needs to naturally produce hormones in the amount needed for proper sexual function. Maca has even been used to treat hormone related PMS successfully.

While Maca does effect the production and regulation of hormones it also contains many different nutrients that have a positive affect on the body. While the exact mechanism of Maca root has not been determined scientifically, studies do show some proof of the benefits. source

You can pick up Maca Root supplements at most health food stores or order online. My suggestion is to go for Raw Maca – works better in smaller quantities and look for high quality reputable brands.

From a personal experience, having dealt with an illness, depression, struggling to take care of a little baby and myself, and dealing with stress and anxiety all put a dent in our marriage and intimacy level. Things were not the same anymore between us for a number of years…. until recently.  I guess there’s always up and down times with sexual drive for most women, especially moms who have to deal with the extra carousel spin of emotional and hormonal struggles. Taking care of yourself by eating healthy and exercising, and sleeping properly, as well as supplementing with Maca Root might give you that boost to get you back in the game ;) Just saying. ;)

Get your sexy on!

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