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I am Thankful for You {free printable posters}

My friends, how often do you look around and realize you already have everything that’s important. Your family, your friends, a roof over your head… and since you’re reading this – you certainly have the internet and a computer or a fancy phone device that let’s you connect with the entire world. You are lucky. And you should be thankful for all these things in front of you ~ and especially thankful not for the things but for the people that are near you and love you…

Don’t you just want to go up to them and say “I am Thankful for You.” Just like that – just say it out loud. Sometimes, amongst the business of daily life, we forget to say “Thank you for being You”. Those words matter and those reminders matter a lot too.

And you know what, I am thankful for you too! For you right there sitting and reading these words right now. You take a moment from your busy life to check in, visit this space, leave a comment, say hello or just silently read on… supporting me on my journey, cheering me on…. being here… –  Yes, I am Thankful for you.

To extend my thanks, I wanted to share these two posters with you. You can share them with your friends on facebook etc. But the real great part is that I’ve made them downloadable so you can print them in high resolution, put them in a frame or hang them by one of those cool washi tapes – and it’s instant inspirational art for your home during Thanksgiving.

(in a frame)

(no frame)



This is my gift to you. Print it out, change to b&w on your printer if you prefer b&w, place in a frame and add that little reminder to your home.

Share the love by sharing this free printable on facebook, pinterest etc. (check out my new buttons below this post! ;) Enjoy. Wishing all our US  friends a Happy Thanksgiving.

Please join Shannon of A Free Sprit Life on the 30 days of Giving Thanks and reflect on what you are grateful for.

Finish this sentence below in the comments: 

I am thankful for…

♥ Ella


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