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happiness is…

:: happiness is… a lovely way to start the week with a positive reflection of what brings happiness to you right now. positive thinking on a monday morning ~ there’s no better way to start the week. i hope you will join me.

Happiness is…

Enjoying a beautiful weekend, although a little too cold for this time of the year
Spending friday at my big sister’s and hanging out with our kiddos
we took a walk outside and had a lovely lunch
Later, my girl and I set out to do some gardening and
we planted beautiful blackberry bushes ~ can’t wait for those!

Saturday was a busy and fun day with just us three
we went to a craft show – yes, with the mr ;D and my girl
and later went out for dinner for sushi – good times!
My girl loves restaurant dining and I love it too as
it’s the only time she sits through the whole meal
and insists on eating all by herself ;)

The Made by Hand Show was so much fun!
It was so amazing to meet such wonderful and very
talented people in person, here locally.
I chatted to several very inspirational ladies and
just had such a good time.
(if you’re one of them ~ please say hello ;)
I should mention that there was Cinderella to entertain
both my daughter and husband ;)

Sunday we enjoyed a great family outing
a house-warming low-key party for the little sister
in the smallest cutest apartment in the grooviest part
of town ~ I could not count the raw/vegan restaurants
that were nearby on my fingers!
We ‘picky’ eaters are so trendy now ;D LOL

We had a 100% vegan and gluten-free dinner at my sisters
(who loves me the most?) and no it wasn’t the little portions set aside for me!
After that, we walked quite a long walk to High Park –
only to walk some more in the park ~ the kids managed
great and we all loved the wisp of fresh air and a burn in our legs
~ with only a few ‘are-we-there-yets’? from the grown-ups
(but that’s because the little ones got carried!)

It wasn’t until later that we reminded ourselves that it’s
Earth Day and patted each other on our backs that we didn’t
use the car as much or the computers! ;D

ps. I discovered a new tea : Chocolate Chai (from PC!) – happiness!

:: I hope you too had a great weekend and are finding happiness in your life right now. Please share below what happiness is to you right now:

To me, happiness is…


ps. I always try to leave you with a good song to start off your week in the best possible way…. Here is one of my favourite brother/ sister talents : Angus and Julia Stone ~ Big Jet Plane

Happy Monday!

pps. Poppytalk and Craftzine featured my Sweet Seedlings yesterday so I’m thrilled about that! Check out these amazing blogs if you don’t know them already. Anyone visiting from Poppytalk, Craftzine or the Made by Hand Show ~ say hello ;D

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photos by me, but crediting my photography site : Pure Love Captured

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