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happiness is…

Happy Monday, my friends! I hope you all had a great weekend – and feel well rested and energized to take on another week. What? A monday can’t be happy? I’m sure there’s a few things that is bringing happiness to you right now, and you may not even know it…..

It’s April! We welcomed this lovely month with the predictable April Showers yesterday ~ but this morning noticed more buds on the trees and the grass… the grass really is greener! (literally)

Right now… happiness is….

having had a great weekend
with friends at a house warming party
where I got really spoiled as they prepared a whole gluten-free vegan menu just for lil’ old me
for once I felt great being ‘special’ and everyone wanted what I was having ;)
this special menu included a fudge cake! (v&g-f)
yup, sorry but I had a little piece – shared the rest
and skipped out on all the other sugary things

not a great lesson in self-control, I know
but I have been great and I thought that 4 weeks into the sugar-detox deserved a little reward ;)
rewards are ok – if you’ve taken on the sugar-detox,
treat yourself with kindness and don’t make your body feel like you’re punishing it
just limit the quantity, choose healthier alternatives and balance with lots of veggies and water

aside from the partying on saturday
on sunday, we started the day with bunny pancakes
daddy and his girl went out for an Easter concert in town
I had a relaxing day with en empty house
and music blasting
I put in a fantastic workout
that still has my muscles burning
don’t be fooled – I may be slim but I need a lot of muscle building to do!
we finished off the day with some Easter crafting until we were both yawning from our busy weekend

today is a cold but beautiful day with the sunshine and stillness in the air
I love this time of rebirth and newness all around us
it sure is inspiring me to renew myself
refocus and recharge
grow and sprout with new ideas and ambitions
I am visualizing a stronger ‘me’
stronger and reborn
with a set of dumbbells in each hand
and a lot of independence and power in my heart

Challenge for this week:
work out at least 15 minutes every day
with 2 days of 1 hour workouts this week.

What is making you happy right now….

What is your challenge for this week?


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