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I sure can’t believe it (because it’s -4 degrees outside) but the Easter weekend is coming! I was hoping for a reschedule for some nicer weather, but the show must go on – since it’s a world wide Christian event and all ;)

We are actually not having a big dinner at our house – yes! the house can stay messy ;) (ok I might clean anyway), but the great news is is that it’s at my sister’s this year! I have not gone to a large Holiday dinner outside of my home for 3 years – no stress, no mess – and I just get to dress up myself and my daughter pretty, and maybe pick out a nice tie for my husband to wear – and just show up. Ahhh….. that should be beautiful for a change ;)

So with a lighter ‘to do’ list on my side, I am now just craving some good dishes on that Easter dinner. And I think you might be too ;) So I was thinking I could quickly post some of our traditional and not-so-traditional foods that usually end up on our Easter Dinner table.

Easter Dinner Menu Suggestions:

1. Lentil Casserole (recipe here because I’ve done it so many times – and everyone always requests it (I just skip the turmeric and cilantro so it blends better with the other dishes)

2. Puff Pastry Wrapped Mashed Potatoes (puff pastry store bought)

3. Some-sort-of-Salad (I think this one was spinach, radichio, sunflower seeds) {sister help me out – what was in that salad?}

4. Sliced Beets (from a can) (can’t do it all from scratch ;)

5. Mushroom Cream Sauce (my husband’s ‘special’ dish)

6. Roasted Duck

7. Salmon with fresh Dill wrapped around in sauteed spinach

8. Vegetable Casserole with Rice/ Quinoa (veggies: red pepper, zucchini, eggplant, onions sauteed and placed on the bottom, covered with cooked rice/ quinoa on top) cover and place in the oven for 20 min.

So there you have it folks. Our menu from last year which will have some repeated dishes again this year. I still don’t know what my sister and her husband are going to cook up. I will be making my lentil casserole and bringing that to them (because if you follow my diet – you know I can’t eat most of these dishes).

For desserts, I am not sure what we’re having this year yet. I know I am making something vegan and gluten free – if you have any recipes to suggest please pass them on.

So here’s to a Happy Easter to you and your family, in case we don’t touch base again before the weekend!

What are you eating on Easter? (other than chocolate eggs ;)

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