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Delicious Millet Breakfast

Do you want a nutritious and delicious breakfast that is different than your usual oatmeal or processed cereal?  Then you should definitely try MILLET for breakfast!

I make this treat and both me and my toddler love it. (sometimes we make it for lunch actually.)


Delicious Millet Breakfast

1 cup of millet
1/4 cup of each: almonds, dried figs, raisins, dates
1-2 spoons of each: sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds
1/2 apple
1 spoon of cinnamon
Directions: Cook the millet as per instructions (similar to rice), add the dried fruit and almonds halfway so they soften up.
Add the apple and cinnamon.
Serve with soy or almond milk.

Millet is a wonderful ancient grain, that’s been forgotten as new flavours emerged. However, it’s packed with nutrients as well as protein for such a simple inexpensive grain. You can add it to soups, salads, serve as a side dish or enjoy as a breakfast like the recipe above.

Millet Nutrition

Some of the key reasons  why millet should be part of your healthy diet is because it:

  • Millet is gluten-free
  • Does not feed pathogenic yeast (candida).
  • Acts as a prebiotic to feed important microflora in your inner ecosystem
  • Provides serotonin to calm and soothe your moods.
  • Helps hydrate your colon to keep you regular.
  • Is alkaline.
  • Digests easily.
  • Is a very inexpensive food 
  • Is very versatile as a breakfast grain or in soups or muffins (see our Millet muffins here)

Millet is full of nutrients your body needs, such as:

Magnesium, Calcium, Maganese, Tryptophan, Phoshorus, Fiber, B-vitamins, Antioxidants

If you’re in a Muffin baking mood, you will love our Chocolate Millet Muffins too!

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