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do tell : what little things do you do to show others you care?

It’s all in the little things…

I love seeing my husband smile when I bring him mint green tea (his favourite) while he works at the computer… he brings me tea also… and I love that ;)

Do Tell : What little things do you do to show others you care?

♥ Ella

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dreams don’t work unless you do : inspirational quote & update

Hello friends. Just a quick hello and an update that I’m currently WORKING on a dream job come true ~ and since we’re not in a fairytale and dreams don’t just come true with a wave of a wand… I’m actually working to make things happen here.

Thanks to this blog and the wonderful people I ‘meet’ here, an opportunity knocked on my door and an exciting project is taking off ;) I will be able to share more about this in a few months, but for now, I just wanted to explain my absence and share with you a little piece of the great news.

Here on the blog, I’m not going away ;) I will be back to regular posts soon and I’ll add random posts as often as I can – to be in the loop, grab the RSS feeds and join the Facebook page to get updates of new posts. (I am very active on the Lifeologia Facebook page daily – so that’s a great place to be a part of. There’s already a great community of over 2,200 friends ;) So come and give us a Like! ;)

Here is a little taste of what’s coming soon to the blog:

I have a few amazing posts started about Sugar-Detox Part 2 (read the first Cut the Sugar, Sugar Challenge here to get started).

I also have exciting new recipes to share with you ~ that are so so good. Those will get posted sometime soon, I hope.

I will be sharing more fitness tips as well as I’m increasing my fitness level myself and feeling great about it!
Need help in starting off right, here are  5 Ways to Get Motivated to Work Out!

And there will be lots of other goodies ~ so stay tuned!

And keep working on your dreams coming true! True passion combined with hard work – does pay off!

Wishing you a great day!

♥ Ella

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don’t forget to be awesome today : inspirational quote poster

Yes! Don’t forget to be awesome today.

Happy Monday!

♥ Ella

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happiness is…

Happiness is…

A busy productive weekend.

I cleaned, dusted, vacuumed, and tackled the downstairs storage room ~
which has some potential of being an actual useful room…

So so happy to roll up my sleeves and dig into some serious cleaning
and to reclaim some of my space that went to the wild side.

I still have a long way. Oh yes I do.
But this time, I’m not doing a cover up job – no way!

I need to breathe…
and having less clutter and learning to be more organized
is giving us hope we can live better…

But we’re also having fun.

The little one is quite the crafter, as you already know
and she’s committed to her little buttons in every shape and form ;)
They’re being sewn by her own little hands to ‘blankets’ and weaved into bracelets…
Sew cute! (and that’s an intentional typo ;))

There’s forts being made, and tea parties made…

There’s dragon fruit snack time…

And a few other corners of the house getting a pretty makeover ;)
I’ve made an art wall for hanging art pieces my daughter brings
and they are a lovely sight right by our favourite spot in the house – the breakfast nook ;)
(and yes, I completely MacGyvered my measuring with a broom stick pole! lol)

Today is a back-to-school day – a happy day to get back to some routine ;)

Also seeing this ice igloo made me smile today ;)

Happy Monday and rest of the week my lovelies…. and please do share your list of Happiness in the comments…

What’s making you happy today?

ps. Have you seen this show by Pilobolus? Watch and be a amazed ;)

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happiness is… welcoming 2013

Hello friends!  Welcome to 2013! 

I hope you all had a wonderful New Year’s Eve and a great start to 2013!

Happiness is…

A great New Year’s at our friend’s house – it was very low-key and just perfect with great food, friends and fun. We also blasted fireworks and our kiddos were overjoyed! ;)

Today, a relaxing day that started with a great breakfast for grandpa as it is his birthday today on the very 1st of January!

We then went for a walk out in the snow and tobogganing. (still waiting for some photos of that from grandpa as I didn’t take my camera with us – first regret of the year. lol)
Oh my, I had the best time! (as did everyone else)

As grown-ups we forget how much fun it is to go down a hill…
and  it’s just the best thing in the world! Really!

If I could pinpoint one thing that creates instant happiness it is Tobogganing! ;)

Seriously, if you have kids (well, you already most likely know what I’m talking about) but if you don’t….
I’m sure there’s kids in your family you can take out for a few hours and just have a blast on some sleds or toboggans.

Happiness is….tapping into the inner-child in you and just go laughing your heart out!!! ;)

Later we had a home-made pizza and salad for lunch…
(I know what you’re thinking – Pizza? That’s not very healthy to start the new year…?)
But that’s where you’re wrong! ;) See I like food and I like pizza and the best part of getting rid of traditional heavy wheat and meat and dairy pizza is replacing it with a light crispy gluten-free crust loaded with fresh organic ingredients from the sauce to veggie choices and 1/2 with organic chicken breast for the mr.  ~ once pizza is this awesome you don’t have to get rid of the foods you love – you simply enjoy the delicious better versions! ;))

After our delicious meal, we played games, made puzzles and did a little crafting and sewing – guess who can sew?
Yes, my little 5 year old hand sews and learned to sew buttons and stitch over the weekend ;)

So when I’m not busy working, you can usually find me either in the kitchen or crafting with my daughter… ;)
We are on a Holiday break so it will be a fun week to catch up on all kinds of family activities ;)

So far, 2013 is all good!

Please do share?

What is making you happy today? 

How was your New Years and the first day of 2013?
Please reflect on your own happiness around you ~ what 3 things are you happy for? 

To celebrate the Start to the New year…. here is A Fine Frenzy with “Now is the Start” ;)


ps. on an unhappy note, I don’t know what Facebook did by my whole newsfeed page just says : “There are no more posts to show right now.” Seriously! A blank page so I don’t get any updates on my favourite pages… – so if you’re not seeing me around it’s because I can’t see you! So frustrating. Is anyone else getting this on their Public Page too? If you have any idea how to fix this or know the number to Facebook’s customer service  - please let me know ;)

spraklers photo via Deviant Art

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