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Valentine’s Day Gift Guide ♥ Kids


Valentine’s Day is just around the corner… and isn’t it nice to celebrate this
*blah* time of the year with a little LOVE?! ♥ Yes, please!

Move over sugary, processed, preservative-stuffed chocolates and candy!
Adorable handmade goodies are so much sweeter!  No?

1. Sugar Cookie Felt Bear
2. Heart Tree Handmade Card
3. Flower Hair Clips
4. Cupid Valentine Cape
5. Nourish My Heart Onesie in Organic Cotton
6. Wooden Rainbow Hearts Memory Match Game
7. Pink Heart Kids Apron


Hope you’re enjoying this sweet Valentine’s Day Gift Guide!

It’s wonderful to shop handmade and support small businesses AND give beautiful gifts that will be enjoyed and truly treasured!  I personally can’t get enough of that little Sugar Cookie little plushy… How cute is that? ;)

What are your favourite things to give for Valentine’s Day for Kids?

A. Sweets
B. Handmade Treasures
C. Something last-minute from the dollar store

 ♥ Ella

ps. come back tomorrow for the *adult* version! meow… ♥


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happy monday : inspirational quotes and posters

Hope you’re having a great start to your week!

I hope these inspirational quote posters will brighten your day…

Think Happy : Be Happy!

♥ Ella


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do tell : what little things do you do to show others you care?

It’s all in the little things…

I love seeing my husband smile when I bring him mint green tea (his favourite) while he works at the computer… he brings me tea also… and I love that ;)

Do Tell : What little things do you do to show others you care?

♥ Ella

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dreams don’t work unless you do : inspirational quote & update

Hello friends. Just a quick hello and an update that I’m currently WORKING on a dream job come true ~ and since we’re not in a fairytale and dreams don’t just come true with a wave of a wand… I’m actually working to make things happen here.

Thanks to this blog and the wonderful people I ‘meet’ here, an opportunity knocked on my door and an exciting project is taking off ;) I will be able to share more about this in a few months, but for now, I just wanted to explain my absence and share with you a little piece of the great news.

Here on the blog, I’m not going away ;) I will be back to regular posts soon and I’ll add random posts as often as I can – to be in the loop, grab the RSS feeds and join the Facebook page to get updates of new posts. (I am very active on the Lifeologia Facebook page daily – so that’s a great place to be a part of. There’s already a great community of over 2,200 friends ;) So come and give us a Like! ;)

Here is a little taste of what’s coming soon to the blog:

I have a few amazing posts started about Sugar-Detox Part 2 (read the first Cut the Sugar, Sugar Challenge here to get started).

I also have exciting new recipes to share with you ~ that are so so good. Those will get posted sometime soon, I hope.

I will be sharing more fitness tips as well as I’m increasing my fitness level myself and feeling great about it!
Need help in starting off right, here are  5 Ways to Get Motivated to Work Out!

And there will be lots of other goodies ~ so stay tuned!

And keep working on your dreams coming true! True passion combined with hard work – does pay off!

Wishing you a great day!

♥ Ella

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don’t forget to be awesome today : inspirational quote poster

Yes! Don’t forget to be awesome today.

Happy Monday!

♥ Ella

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