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beauty week : inside out

Summer days are just around the corner, and with it, its lighter wardrobe, shorts and maybe even the bikini… Ouch. Enough said ;)  I think it’s fair to say we all want to look good when we put on a little summer dress or the swimsuit. I don’t think it’s necessarily about having the ‘perfect’ body shape that we are after – but rather, a body that is healthy and nurtured will always look radiant and beautiful in anything we put on. Best of all, our confidence comes a long way with it and when we feel good – we look good.

I thought it would be fun to kick off summer with a Beauty Week right here in this space and dedicate a few days for tips and recipes on how to look radiant and lovely this summer. These will be just a few simple things that are easy on your pocket, you can do right at home and will help you feel healthy, energized and look better too ;)

First up – Eat and Drink your greens!

Are you surprised that the first step in looking great is work on the inside? Getting a great dose of nutrients from your veggies and greens is an amazing way to increase energy, load up on amazing vitamins and minerals, and that will really show off beauty from the inside out. Stock up on fresh, organic (if you can afford it) varieties of greens and veggies. If you have a juicer or blender, you can make your own green smoothies. A great big salad with a variety of vegetables and greens is also always a great option too. Ideally you want to have both in your diet – DAILY.

This is your challenge:

Have a Salad and/ or Green Smoothie everyday this week.

For bonus points, for 30 days!

Here’s a few of my favourite Green Smoothie recipes from around the web:

There is so much you can do when it comes to green smoothies. But do try to keep your sugar/ fruit portions to about 10% – 15% of all the ingredients. Same goes for your salads. A little fruit can spice up a nice salad, especially for a spring or summer day, but keep the fruit to a minimum or else you will add too much acid to your stomach when you combine fruit and veggies.

Also, please keep it light with salad dressings. Skip the mayo and the store bought dressings (unless they’re all-natural and organic). You can make simple salad dressings with just a few spoons of extra virgin olive oil, a squeeze of lemon and some dried or fresh (even better) herbs, plus some sea salt and pepper to taste. So much cheaper and better for you ;) And please keep it plant based also. Beans or lentils are great to add if you need a bigger meal.

If you can pull off both? You can hear me cheering you on and clapping my hands ;) Then the best way is to have a Green Smoothie for breakfast and then consider having a Salad as your last meal of the day.

Good luck and Please Join Me ;)

Come and check out step #2 tomorrow on the Beauty Week!

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