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Apricot + Mango Multivitamin Smoothie with Kids Calm from Natural Vitality

I’m a very proud mama to my baby girl! She’s almost 6 and very creative and talented and smart! Curious and inventive and full of great ideas. She also has the biggest heart and always thinks of others – she makes surprises for us in the kitchen (kid friendly) and spends a long time preparing some special dessert for us! The other day she creatively assembled dark chocolate squares with drops of chocolate sauce on top with fresh picked red currants from the garden nestled on the top! Her original recipe and I it was delicious and brought instant happiness to me ;)

The very second she wakes up, there’s more joy in the house ~ sometimes she sings from her bed just as she opens her little eyes. Pure happiness I tell you.

This girl is my life. And this mama tries her hardest this little girl has everything she needs – which includes her vitamins!

Sure she eats fruits and veggies with no complaints. She eats her broccoli, her seaweed, her hemp seeds and chia. And blackberries are her favourite berries and she picks mint leaves straight from our pot in the garden and munches on the burst of flavour. There’s great vitamins in all that…

Still, I like to have something on hand that on the busy days when we may slip on the nutrition scale, she can have a quick fun dose of vitamins from this great Apricot and Mango Multivitamin Smoothie! The Kids Natural Calm Multi from Natural Vitality is an excellent source of vitamins my girl needs. And it tastes great in all kinds of smoothies or even just any juice we have on hand (for a really quick dose ;)



4 organic apricots
1/4 ripe mango
1/2 cup coconut water
1 tablespoon Natural Vitality Kids Calm Multi


Directions :

Remove pits from apricots, peel and cut the mango into chunks around the pit.  Add the fruit and other ingredients to a blender and blend to mix well.

For a colder version, you may add ice or freeze the fruit the night before and blend into the smoothies.

However, I don’t actually like to give my child very cold drinks and I don’t think it’s a good idea to give very cold drinks to any child. Kids can gulp up a drink pretty quick and if they are in a hot environment or they were busy being active and feel a bit overheated – that change in temperatures can give them a sore throat very quickly.

It’s different with ice cream as you would usually let the ice cream melt in your mouth a little first, therefore warming it, before it’s swallowed. With drinks, kids can just gulp fast especially when they are very thirsty and put themselves at a risk of getting a bad sore throat. I don’t like to put that risk on my daughter and therefore even juice from the fridge gets warmed up a tiny bit with a few drops of hot water from the kettle to bring it to room temperature.

This little step, ensures that I don’t increase the risk of her getting sick for no reason. And she’s one healthy little soon-to-be-first-grader and I’m very proud of that! ;)

So see that little beautiful angel face? She is also part of the reason why I’m not posting as often as I would like on this blog ~ what can I say… summer is here and we are busy! I also balance work and keeping up with everything in my life, but this little one takes priority every time!

Our favourite summer activities include reading (one paragraph me, and one paragraph her), swimming, rock climbing, crafting and playing ‘tickle monster’ at the playground. (I make a pretty bad and awesome tickle monster (apparently) and a lot of kids count on that! ;)

To find our more about Natural Vitality and see their full product line visit their website here. And you can like them on Facebook for promotions and more recipe ideas.

Please share your ideas how you make sure your child stays healthy in the comments below.

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